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Carol Fieldhouse

Carol Fieldhouse

Carol gained a science degree then had a long career in corporate business, managing the development of IT (Information Technology) systems initially, and later, strategy work.

In 2004, she made the decision to change her career. She went to Peru, then trained as a shaman, and homepath, and a bio-resonance practitioner.

Now she combines ancient and modern holistic techniques to provide remote services to her worldwide client list.

Please Note:

Refreshing Horizons is not a medical services company, and Carol is not medically qualified to be able to diagnose, treat or dispense advice on such matters. We purely deal with the metaphysical aspects of “energy medicine”, which is not recognised or endorsed by the established medical community – nor is it likely to be at any time soon. We do not offer any kind of guarantee of a cure, nor is what we do in any way a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

Science is unable to quantifiably measure the concepts of much of what we do and so you must understand that any products mentioned are often based on an emerging branch of science that is currently unproven, and which is often attacked in a hostile manner.

If you suspect that you have a medical condition then you should always consult with your medical doctor as a matter of urgency.

Animals – There are strict laws relating to animal care in the UK which can be viewed at the RCVS website). Carol is not a veterinary surgeon or qualified to medically diagnose or treat animals. She can provide information to you, the pet owner/guardian, and general emotional support for your animal.

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