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How I work

I am passionate about finding natural solutions to achieve holistic health, so want to make the time spent worthwhile for both of us.

Many of my clients have busy lives and I aim to be there in the background providing support without taking up any more of your time than is necessary.

My services are built to your requirements. We can blend my skills and experience to seek out the key that will unlock greater well-being, energy, and happiness for you, your family (and even perhaps your pets).

It is always exciting for me to hear how each person responds and how far we can get you to where you want to be for your life and general well-being.

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*note I am not a vet so do not diagnose or prescribe for pets

Payment options. There are monthly payment plans for my bio-resonance services which are popular.


Example of how people use my services

(made up from a blend of actual client cases)

Initial consultation – Sally came to me feeling as though her life was going around the same old loop. She would make changes and even change the people in her life significantly but then ended up in another version of the same circumstances over and over again.

We agreed that she would start with a Shamanic Energy Medicine session and booked that in for an afternoon when she had a quiet evening lined up.

Follow-up from the shamanic session – Sally reported that she was delighted with the depth of the session and the channelled information provide really rang true.

She was pleased with the changes so far too. Some people were reacting differently to her, she felt very much more comfortable ‘being herself’ and new opportunities had presented themselves to her.

e-Lybra bio-resonance session 1 – she felt that she wanted some support with some other aspects of her life, and to keep the shamanic session’s progress going. We agreed to move on to the e-Lybra9 bio-resonance comprehensive service, (I discount the initial session for existing clients) with an e-Pendant (& bi-monthly top-ups on a payment plan).

I also recommended some homeopathic remedies to take before bedtime because she was finding it hard to sleep.

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Support required – a close relative died and Sally contacted me for extra support. I did an ad-hoc session to match her requirements at this difficult time (and I recommended a blend of essences to take as well).

e-Lybra bioresonance session 2 – Sally reported that, although it had been a very full-on stressful time, she had remained calm and able to handle things throughout. She felt she would not usually have managed to cope as well, in the pre-e-Pendant days. Sally said she also noticed the difference when she didn’t have it on.

e-Lybra session 3 (2 months later) – Sally wanted to work on some specific health issues and also have a play at manifesting new business opportunities! She provided some affirmations she’d like to be in the e-Pendant to support her day-to-day life too.

Sally reported back excitedly two weeks later that she now had a very strong feeling that she wanted to branch out in a different direction. She had started to put that into action and felt great clarity that this was the right thing to do. Opportunities had appeared that seemed to confirm that to her.  The health issues had eased as well.

e-Lybra session 4 (2 months later). Sally reported that she had made quite a number of changes and her business had started to give her a lot more pleasure and income.

She mentioned in passing that she had a rental property that she was trying to sell and lots of peculiar things were happening – every time she visited there was dog mess outside the front door. People had one viewing but never came back again or even gave feedback to the estate agent.

I agreed that was odd and that I’d take a “look” at the property to see if something needed to be cleared and, there was, so I ran a bio-resonance session on the property.

The next time Sally visited, the doorstep was clear and she had also had some second viewings. The property sold too!


This pattern of bi-monthly e-Pendant top-ups and ad-hoc assistance is very common in my practice.

We tackle issues from many different perspectives to find out what will shift for you as an individual, on the basis that anything is possible!

Phone/Internet consultations are my speciality

I specialise in providing remote services for people all over the world so if you live a distance away or are too busy to visit, then that is not a problem at all.

My local clients also love the ease of remote consultations (by phone/Skype) and sessions. We all have busy lives so it is nice to have that option and I can assure you it works extremely well.

It is lovely for us to meet face to face but certainly not essential.

Consultations via Zoom or phone, with quick updates between times, work really well for many people.

You get on with your life and I provide support in the background.



Bio-Resonance (e-Lybra9)  is the central service in my practice these days. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

Visit my other pages to find out more about Shamanic Healing, Homeopathy and Essences.

Clinics – see me in person

If you want to see me in person at one of the clinics below then contact me to arrange this.

Note that I have to charge more for this due to room hire, travel time, and expenses (I don’t see clients at my office).

Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire, UK

Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK

Banbury Therapy Centre , in the centre of Banbury. More information.

email me info@  and we can get you booked in to see me.

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