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Sensitivity causing itching/sneezing

Having been a long-term Hayfever and eczema sufferer myself prior to discovering holistic therapies, I know first-hand how miserable these things can make life.

My focus is on balancing out the underlying causes, rather than focusing on providing you with a list of things to avoid forever.

For example, skin sensitivities can often be traced to issues with the gut (particularly parasites), or with blood acidity – both of which may be balanced by a combination of my therapies and dietary changes to reduce inflammation.

Homeopathy can sometimes be used to reduce your sensitivity to a particular substance by providing that substance back to you in potency.

For seasonal problems, perhaps due to pollen, the best time to work on the underlying susceptibility is when you are NOT having symptoms. For hayfever symptoms, it is good to work in the winter on strengthening you using different remedies that put you back into balance and reduce any inherited traits.

Anxieties that are impacting on your life

Sometimes life gets on top of us and we start to worry and limit what we do in fear of not being able to cope. If this is you, you don’t need anything extra to worry about so the bio-resonance e-Pendant is ideal. It works all day for you without the need to remember anything other than to have it within a few centimetres of your body (in your pocket or bra, around your neck, or under the pillow at night).

I have had good results balancing out some quite extreme anxieties using this technique. In addition to putting the specific problem situations or items into your pendant, I have a lot of different approaches I can take to support you.

If you just want an off-the-shelf solution (which is a one-off purchase) then the stress-balance pendant is an excellent option for this.

Poor sleep patterns

There are so many reasons that natural sleep patterns can go awry. I have a variety of different ways to work with you on this, according to your own unique circumstances.

All of the different therapies I use can make a difference. Sometimes a single homeopathic remedy or remedy combination will work, other times the improvement is more challenging to address.


Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope can suddenly appear and stop us in our tracks.

I work with a lot of busy people who are stretched time-wise (e.g. through business or family demands). This can lead to a loss of perspective and a feeling of being on a treadmill without “a life” – losing who we are. 

The e-Pendant (bio-resonance) service I provide is so easy and such great support. It can keep you in touch with what you need for yourself and allow you to feel more confident and assured even in difficult circumstances.

I’ve lost track of the number of people who have said “I’m sure I couldn’t have coped with xxxx before I had the e-Pendant”. 

Headaches & Migraines

I have managed to clear these for a number of people, not everyone. There are many different approaches I can take to try and trigger your body to address the underlying imbalance. 


We and our lives are all bundles of energy with connections between them. The shamanic training I had called them cekes – thread of energy.

I work with clients’ dreams/wishes/hopes for the future a lot. These may be desired outcomes for wellbeing issues or in life as a whole. When businesspeople work with me the discussion often moves on to his/her desires for the future of the business or life in general so we then start to draft up affirmations etc. to go into the e-Pendant.

The shamanic sessions work on removing blockages to life patterns and also the things one wants to bring in to replace them. This can be very powerful when there is a pattern that keeps recurring in life (when you feel as though you are going around the same old loop again).

All of my therapies work to get you back to your true self. The person who is content and open to receiving intuitions and guidance about life.

Who are your clients?

I do have clients of all ages, though a lot are in their 40’s or older. I think that is because, by then, a few cracks have started to show up and we decided “enough is enough”. Then I get a call! Male/female menopause and other such big life changes benefit from support at many levels and I can provide that.

Holistic therapies can make changes where other options fail. Generally, they are safe and non-toxic support for a massive range of things, for example…

Wanting to have children

This is not a specialist area of mine (I have no children of my own). The therapies I offer can provide support and clear blockages at a broad range of levels so there could be something I do that feels right for you, for example

  • a bio-resonance session focusing on detoxing and calming might be useful. 
  • a shamanic session to clear patterns that seem to be standing in your way or to move you onto a fresh timeline.
  • homeopathy or essences can also be a great support

Babies and young children respond really quickly to holistic therapies.

I’ve worked with a number of children who are finding it hard to cope, whether with physical and/or emotional issues e.g.

  • skin discomforts
  • clinginess/anxieties – not wanting to go to school or stay in his/her own bed
  • anger – perhaps triggered by difficulty relating well to siblings/teachers/coping with changes in life 

The teenage years can be a massive adjustment to deal with.

  • Nerves – I’ve supported a number of teenagers to remain calmer and be able to concentrate for exams, driving tests etc. (a stress-balance pendant is also a useful tool). Restoring an ability to keep things in perspective is important.
  • Puberty – poor skin/irregular cycles/mood swings – holistic therapies can be great to support the teenager through these changes and into a better balance. 

The majority of the people I speak to are women. The person I am supporting might be her, her family, her animals, her business…

Bio-resonance with the e-Pendant is often the solution because it is so easy! 

Generally, because I work holistically, we are nibbling away at a broad range of imbalances from physical right up to life/relationship/manifesting. 

Our physical wellbeing is influenced so much by how we see the world and react to it that the difference working holistically can make is quite remarkable.


There is a broad range of reasons that men approach me for support.

  • shamanic energy medicine – where Alberto Villoldo’s work has resonated with him and there is something that needs to change.
  • Physical/emotional issues that need a different approach.
  • Struggling in life – Anxieties may have sneaked in or life seems a bit darker. A bit of holistic support can be enough to lift these and get the sun shining in your life again (always consult a medical doctor if necessary).
Older Age

I’m in my sixties now and have an older husband so this is a very familiar realm these days!

We have many of the same issues as earlier in life (with a few more cracks between the seams perhaps!).

Aging happens and is part of life. There are many things that holistic therapies can ease, alongside a healthy lifestyle and exercise. For example:

  • Ear/sinus problems – sometimes these can be shifted, even some noises can be reduced.
  • Swelling/heat – there are remedies and resonances that can ease these and creakiness.
  • Waking un-rested – sleep problems are common as we get older so I can’t promise miracles but have seen improvements.
  • Loneliness/loss of confidence – can be an issue and the e-pendant and remedies can ease the rough edges of these.


Useful e-Lybra9 Bio-resonance information

The bio-sample (e.g. hair)

I ask for a small bio-sample – hair/fingernails/fur/feathers to use for the bio-resonance record that I hold for you.

  1. I DON’T test the bo- sample. I often have people come to me who have been to another bio-resonance practitioner who has told him/her that they are intolerant to these foods/am very toxic/have parasites/etc. The e-Lybra9 does not “test”. It uses the hair to connect to you as an individual. The equipment is focused on re-balancing the root cause of any imbalances and this is one reason results change all the time.
  2. It doesn’t matter if the hair has been coloured
  3. The sample can be clipped from the end of the hair (no need to pull it out!)


How does it work remotely?

I can’t explain how it works remotely, there are attempts to explain it elsewhere on this website.

Even after I’d purchased the e-Lybra (in part because it worked remotely) it took me eighteen months of working with it to be convinced! I was already trained as a shaman so used to practicing that remotely too.

Now, over ten years on, I work regularly with clients around the UK and the rest of the world. None of them visiting me. Many have been with me for years now!

It does make me smile, my logical scientific side just has to accept it these days.


What Makes You Different?

What makes me different from other bio-resonance practitioners?

My skills and life experience bring a unique approach to the work – I have a science and technology background and also am a shaman. This means I combine analytical skills, knowledge and intuition.

I work remotely – a lot of practitioners will get you to sit in clinic hooked up to the equipment for one to four hours, with no remote sessions afterwards and sometimes no e-Pendant.

I believe I can get deeper, better, results through long remote sessions in most circumstances. The advantage for you is that we can speak at a time convenient to you and then I do the rest.

It also means that if you have something going on that would benefit from immediate support then you can ask and, if possible, I will provide it. (A number of clients get me to run sessions during particular stressful events or if they get an acute ailment of some sort!)

Is It All Placebo Effect?

I don’t believe it is all placebo effect (obviously).

I have seen great results for adults, children, and animals who have not even known they have been receiving balancing from me. I have also had a number of clients report improvements in conditions they have not told me about.

That being said, I very much want the placebo working with what I do rather than against it! – I want all your energy to be focused on returning to balance.

If you come to me for balancing with a lot of doubts and you don’t believe it will work then this is going to be working against us, so it might take longer to get results. Having an open mind is far better and, over time, I hope you will be as enthusiastic about it as I am.

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