Rebalancing you as a whole using e-Lybra9 bio-energetics.


How do you feel?

Are you…

  • Feeling swamped, overwhelmed, or exhausted by your current situation?
  • Anxious and struggling to stay calm?
  • Feeling more sensitive to all sorts of things?
  • Finding relationships more challenging than usual?
  • Feeling stuck in some way in your life?

Perhaps you feel like you’ve tried everything?

  • Well, what you’re about to discover may change your life.
  • My services CAN gently support you, clear the confusion and nudge you back into balance.
  • I believe each of us has a happy, healthy and fulfilling life once we get on track with our heart’s desires.

Who am I & what do I do?

My name is Carol Fieldhouse, and my company is called Refreshing Horizons.

I practice various holistic therapies. In my sixties,  I have much life experience. There have been many lovely, fun times and some truly dark and challenging periods. The latter has taught me the most, of course, and I have learned many ways to get myself out of dark places that allow me to help you now. I talk about some of these in my blog.

My background is science and technology. I gained a Science degree and then worked in Information Technology (IT) for many years, ending up in an IT strategy team looking after retail and supply chain computer systems for a large global corporation (so I have a very logical mind!).

In 2004, I took voluntary redundancy. I was burned out and wanted to do something that enthused me, that made a genuine difference.

One thing led to another. I went to Peru and, afterwards, trained as an Andean Shamanic Practitioner with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. I also became a registered homeopath.

Later, I added Bio-Resonance to my practice in the form of an e-Lybra®9 system. I love it!

With my experience and skills, I am uniquely positioned to provide you with a service that others cannot. Most of my therapies work remotely well, which is a bit quirky, and I love that!

When we speak, you will be listened to and not judged (and it is all confidential, of course). I’m told I have a calm and reassuring manner—and a sense of humour, too!

My logical brain and intuition work alongside each other to come up with a strategy to support you.

We work together as a team to help you achieve a better life.

What is bio-resonance & how does it work?

My bio-resonance service uses something called the e-Lybra®9.  A ‘box linked to a computer’, into which I put your details and a bio-sample (usually hair).

It finds imbalances in your bio-field and, and produces bio-resonance patterns that harmonise those imbalances to trigger your own natural healing processes into action.

The e-Lybra® 9 has over three hundred thousand resonances and many different session types that I can use to put together a tremendously comprehensive regime for you.

Its aim is to sort imbalances out from the roots up rather than putting a patch of sticking plaster at the top.

For most of the functions, the equipment works remotely as effectively as in the clinic, so there is no need to visit unless you want to (a surcharge applies). A special e-Pendant ™ that you wear (or keep near your body in a pocket, for example) provides gentle resonances to trigger your realignment back to wellness.

Energy imbalances can lead to a whole host of health and wellness problems. Often, the first signs are fatigue, sleeplessness, nerves and anxiety, allergies, and skin conditions. If ignored, these ‘minor’ ailments can escalate and become more serious illnesses.

Bio-resonance therapy is not a medical treatment; it is a form of energy medicine. It is noninvasive and safe (it can be used during pregnancy and on children). Most of my clients have experienced rewarding results. It is very simple for you—just wear the e-Pendant, then notice and report back on the changes so we can tune the next session using that information.

When you start to rebalance on an energetic, deep level, holistically, the effects can be long-lasting.

The bioresonance session is tuned by me to meet your requirements and will consist of some standard selections that are available:

  • Chakra balancing
  • Limiting belief balancing
  • Psychological interference balancing
  • Physical interference balancing
  • General analysis and balancing
  • Dr Hulda Clark’s protocols
  • Neurotech
  • Energetic interventions

Plus, formulae from my list of specially set up ones for specific purposes (e.g. anxiety).

Plus, if you have completed the full questionnaire and are having a Comprehensive or Intensive session, I will set up a special formula for you based on your history. This will gently clear blockages from the past each time a session runs.

Human Plans & Pricing

What’s Involved?

Getting Started

We can speak on the phone, Zoom, or in person. After I receive all the information (below), I run a remote session – the length varies by plan.

If you would prefer to meet me in person, see the bio-resonance system, and have it connected to you for 3/4 of an hour, then you are very welcome to visit me in the clinic, I do have to charge more for this.

Information required:

  • A completed questionnaire, which includes your full name and address, along with a phone number and your email address  (you will receive a link to download this)
  • A digital portrait 
  • a bio-sample (usually hair) and a return mailing address to receive your e-pendant in the mail

I will run a session on my e-Lybra9 bio-energetics system for you and send you the e-Pendant ™, or I can give it to you at clinic.

The e-Pendant ™ then ‘listens’ to your energy field and dispenses balancing resonances whenever it is within 7cm of your body.

You do not need to be present when the e-lybra9 balances you—it takes several hours. The resonances get sent to you and the e-Pendant remotely.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the system produces reports from some session types, these reports are NOT medical diagnoses. It is energy medicine and just doesn’t work that way ( I am not just saying that to protect myself in some way, it is true – I am from a science background so have tested it!)

Ongoing Support

The resonances in the e-Pendant are appropriate for you at the time the session runs.

Gradually, as the imbalances found are balanced, the contents of the e-Pendant will appear to create less and less change. The resonances haven’t gone; they are no longer what you need.

To keep progressing, we need to refresh the resonances in the e-Pendant to keep nudging you back into balance..

Intervals of between one and three months between sessions work for most people. If there is a lot going on for you, or you want to accellerate the changes, we can do them weekly perhaps, we can also extend the length of bio-resonance sessions too.

I can’t guarantee that bio-resonance will always produce the specific changes you require. We are very complex beings and the longer something has taken to develop often the longer it will take to resolve. You do have my word it does seem to work for most people and that I will put every effort into getting you the results you desire.

I’m also a Registered Homeopath and a Shamanic practitioner, using essences and other techniques in my practice. Other therapies might be recommended in addition to, or as part of, your package. 


For small children and small pets where the e-Pendant cannot be worn, it needs to be secured to bedding or inside a pillow so it is safe. See the separate page about this. If you prefer to have drops instead of this, please let me know.

Medical Disclaimer

Refreshing Horizon’s Bio-resonance and other therapies are for holistic balancing of subtle energy fields only. We do not diagnose, treat or claim to cure any medical condition or disease. If in doubt, please seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner (or veterinary surgeon for animals).

Bio-resonance Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is bio-resonance right for?

Pretty much anyone. Whether you are dealing with a major trauma, a recurring health problem or a general feeling of overwhelm, sadness or dullness, bio-resonance could be right for you. You can probably tick a few of these items in the list:

  • You have an interest in holistic therapies and have experienced them working.
  • You know the importance of a healthy home environment and diet (whether or not you have it now; life gets in the way sometimes).
  • You are focused on the end result you want (which could be as simple as feeling content and happy.
  • You believe that wellbeing and our lives are influenced by our actions and thoughts, so clearing blockages and unhelpful patterns frees us to achieve more.
  • You have tried lots of things are nothing has worked.
  • You want to be in charge of your own health and wellbeing, and/or that of your family and animals.
How long does bio-resonance take?

Each person is unique. I use all my skills and tools to try and get you the results you require. Sometimes a single session makes massive changes, sometimes nothing seems to happen and then everything starts to drop into place.

I ask that you commit to at least six months of bio-resonance sessions. Many of my clients have been with me for years (don’t worry, we have been working on different things over that time once the initial issues clear up!).

Generally, more complex issues are the ones that often show no change for a period of time (there are no guarantees) usually improvements are still seen in other areas that make life feel better.

Bear in mind:

  • The longer you have been struggling with something, the longer it might take to resolve.
  • The lower your vitality and overall health, the longer the sessions need to run and the more frequent they need to be.
  • Most people benefit from a session every one or two months. If you are really struggling, long weekly sessions might be best initially.
Can I combine multiple therapies?

Yes, with my bio-resonance services usually you can do anything that feels beneficial to you alongside it.

A number of my clients go for physical therapies (such as massage) and I encourage the use of tapping, relaxation techniques and other self-help alongside what I do.

The e-Lybra®9 works very gently and seems to ‘fill in the gaps’ that other therapies, and even medicines, may be leaving unaddressed.

  • When we work together you might find that you develop greater awareness of patterns in your life that need to change – different ways to approach circumstances that will make life easier for you. This can be hugely beneficial.
  • If you are on medications, or have any concerns about your health, you must consult your GP. I am not medically qualified.
  • Naturally, our aim is to get you feeling better and more balanced. Out of this, your requirement for medications could well change. It is very important that you monitor your own wellbeing and speak to your medical advisor, as well as me.

What is the e-Pendant

Bio-resonance with the e-Pendant is the simplest thing for you and the family to use. Stick it in a pocket (or down your bra) if you don’t want to wear it as a pendant. For young children (or small pets) put it under a pillow/bed at night. For larger pets, it can go on a collar.

The standard e-Pendant ™ filled with resonances specific to your requirements will “remind you” holistically about the changes required to get you back into balance. It is charged up by my superb, very sophisticated eLybra9 bio-energetics system.


The e-Pendant™ is a bio-resonance storage device that can be programmed and charged with bio-resonance patterns during the e-Lybra® analysis and balancing sessions I do for you.

The patterns, once programmed into the e-Pendant™ , will continue to resonate and support you for a maximum of 3 months but, ideally, it should be re-charged/re-programmed after one to two months (sooner for complicated issues).

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