Terms and Conditions

1.    Services

Refreshing Horizons Limited provides the following services:

  1. e-Lybra9TM bio-resonance (sometimes referred to as e-Pendant top-up sessions)
  2. Homeopathic and Flower (and other) Essence consultations
  3. Andean shamanic energy medicine sessions
  4. Space clearing of property
  5. Animal communication
  6. EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  7. Munay-ki Rites mentoring (individual and group sessions)
  8. Retail sales of wellbeing products linked to my services

You have engaged Refreshing Horizons Limited to provide one or more of these services to you.


New Clients

  1. You will be required to complete a New Client Questionnaire at the time of booking
  2. All sessions and Services are non-transferable.

Consulting Times

  1. Consultations can be booked with the Practitioner directly or through her online calendar. Clinic rooms are subject to availability so rearrangement of consultation times may be required.
  2. No sessions/consultations may include or be attended by any third parties except by prior agreement with the Practitioner
  3. Late arrival for an appointment will result in a shorter session with the session concluding at the usual time.


  1. One-to-one sessions may be delivered in person (face to face), by phone or online via Zoom or Skype.

2.    Fees

The Practitioner offers a range of services and may tailor services to meet specific needs of the Client to achieve wellbeing.

As services may vary depending on Client needs, fees for services offered by the Practitioner are calculated as below.  Please note – the information below is a guide and the Practitioner will confirm ongoing fees after the first consultation.

You understand and agree that Services and Session fees are offered as follows:

  • The Practitioner’s time is charged at an hourly rate of £80 per hour.
  • Quick online/phone conversations or requests (up to 15 minutes) are complimentary. Additional time is charged in the hourly rate in  15 minute increments.
  • Appointments at the local clinics incur an additional charge of £20 per hour (minimum 1 hour charge) due to room hire charges.

The main current services and fees are listed below. The packages can be tailored to suit specific client requirements.

e-Lybra9 bio-resonance with e-Pendant:

  • Essentials plan – initial session £133, continuation sessions £88
  • Comprehensive plan – initial session £221, continuation sessions £136 (or £68 per month on bi-monthly plan)
  • Intensive plan – initial session £253, continuation sessions £168

Shamanic Energy Medicine

  • Full remote shamanic session £260


  • Charged at my hourly rate of £80 for the hour.

 3.    Payment

You understand and agree:

  1. Full payment of all one-to-one sessions in person is required at the time of booking unless alternative arrangements have been agreed to by the Practitioner.
  2. Payment at the conclusion of your in-person appointment may be possible by prior arrangement.
  3. All online consultations require payment at the time of booking.
  4. Any additional items prescribed during consultation will be invoiced separately and posted upon payment of invoice.
  5. Payment plans for ongoing services are available e.g. Bi-monthly or Quarterly e-pendant top up sessions can be paid for monthly in advance at a slightly lower total cost than the standard price.

4.    Cancellation

You understand and agree:

One-to One-Sessions

  1. You may cancel an appointment by providing 48 hours’ notice with full refund.
  2. You will be charged 50% of the consultation for cancellation requested with less than 48 hours’ notice and up until 24 hours’ notice before your scheduled appointment.
  3. You will be charged the full session fee if you cancel on the day of the session or do not show up for the booked session.


  1. You may reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of your booked appointment, however, availability at your requested time is not guaranteed.

5.    Refund Policy

You understand and agree:

  1. Other than provided for in this Agreement, refunds will only be provided to you by Refreshing Horizons Limited if you cancel or if you are unable to attend a session because of serious illness, family emergencies, or other emergencies.
  2. Refunds will not be issued for change of mind.

6.    Therapeutic Relationship

You understand and agree:

  1. Throughout the patient/practitioner relationship you will be engaged in direct and personal conversations with the Practitioner.
  2. You will be required to be honest and straightforward in your answers to questions put to you during the process.
  3. If you believe that any service offered by the Practitioner is not working, it is your responsibility to communicate that belief to the Practitioner as soon as possible so the issues can be addressed promptly and effectively.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  1. The relationship and content of all sessions between you and Refreshing Horizons Limited are confidential between you and Refreshing Horizons Limited and shall not be disclosed to a third person by Refreshing Horizons unless required to do so by law, or with your express and written permission.
  2. Refreshing Horizons is bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 UK to protect your privacy in compliance with privacy legislation. 

7.    Feedback & Dispute Resolution

Your feedback is important!

Code of Conduct

Carol Fieldhouse, of Refreshing Horizons Limited, is a Registered Homeopath and bound by the Code of Ethics for the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

You may view the Code of Conduct at http://www.a-r-h.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/ARHCodeofEthics.pdf

If you have a complaint you agree to contact the Practitioner immediately with any concerns so that they may be resolved quickly and effectively through friendly discussion or mediation.


  1. Confidentiality is paramount to both the reputation of you and the Practitioner.
  2. Any public discussion or comments about either party will be considered defamatory, negative or otherwise damaging and will be the subject of compensation in any mediation or litigation claim.
  3. At no time will any communications or discussions be made public. This includes but is not limited to any social media websites of either party.

8.    Acknowledgement & Disclaimer

You understand and agree:

  1. You have engaged Refreshing Horizons Limited for Carol Fieldhouse’s services at the agreed Fee.
  2. The Practitioner is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a medical doctor. Formal medical diagnosis is not within the scope of services provided.
  3. The Practitioner does not provide counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.
  4. The Practitioner does not deal with the medical diagnosis of emotional or mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, supportive care and therapy is a cornerstone of service provision to support holistic health including mental and emotional wellbeing.
  5. If you are in any doubt, please seek expert medical advice.
  6. The information that you provide as a Client is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent except as required by law.
  7. Any plan offered by Refreshing Horizons Limited does not replace any course of action recommended by your primary medical practitioner and if you feel or perceive that any information or plan provided by Refreshing Horizons Limited opposes your primary medical practitioner’s treatment plan you are strongly advised to follow the advice of your primary medical practitioner.
  8. It is your responsibility to inform the practitioner of any health conditions and allergies which may impact the services provided.
  9. You must be open and honest about your true health issues so that the best treatment or therapy modality can be provided for you. 

9.    Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree:

  1. Liability for the services provided by Refreshing Horizons Limited is governed solely by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (UK) and these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Nothing in these Terms removes your Statutory Rights as a consumer under UK Consumer Law.
  3. Except for your Statutory Rights, all material and services are provided to you without warranties of any kind, either express or implied; and Refreshing Horizons Limited expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  4. To the extent permitted by law, Refreshing Horizons Limited excludes all express or implied representations, conditions, guarantees, warranties and terms relating to any Services except those set out in this Agreement, including but not limited to implied or express guarantees, warranties, representations or conditions of any kind, which are not stated in this Agreement.
  5. Refreshing Horizons Limited guarantees all its services are supplied to you with due care and skill and fit for the purpose that the services have been advertised.
  6. Refreshing Horizons Limited cannot and does not guarantee that you, the Client, will take the necessary actions identified during the sessions to achieve a specific result. What you achieve through these sessions is your choice and responsibility.
  7. To the extent that Refreshing Horizons Limited is unable to exclude liability; total liability for loss or damage you suffer or incur from Services by Refreshing Horizons Limited is limited to resupplying the Services to you, or, at the Practitioner’s option, refunding to you the amount you have paid for the Services to which your claim relates. 

10. Governing Law

You understand and agree:

  1. The Terms and Conditions in this Agreement are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.
  2. Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.