Banbury Clinic

Bio-resonance and homeopathy appointments can be booked here

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Banbury Clinic

At Banbury Therapy Centre


This centre focuses on mainly talking therapies (Banbury Therapy Group is based here).

I rent a room in the centre if clients wish to see me there. There is a supplementary fee for clinic appointments.

 Banbury is famous for its cross. It is a large town with many shops and an out of time retail park near the motorway.

The M40 runs next to the town making it easily accessible from the North and South. There is also a mainline station (the Leamington Spa to Oxford line) in the town and local buses.


Banbury Therapy Centre, Darwin House, 19 Parson’s Street, Banbury OX16 5LY

Book appointments directly with Carol info@

It is in the town centre, with plenty of local car parks.

Are you perhaps…

A busy professional lady, aged forty plus?

Feeling you aren’t coping as well as you used to?

Wanting to achieve more, feel better and add a sparkle back into your life?

Get in touch!

Let me support you.

I work with clients around the world so there is no need to visit unless you want to.

How does this stuff work?

Do you remember the last time you sensed someone was not being authentic in some way? That time you walked into a roomful of people and didn’t like the atmosphere?

When we do that, we are reading a bio-field that is being projected by others.

Much of the work I do tunes into a particular bio-field, reading it to find imbalances. Then an invitation for the bio-field to return to balance is provided.

The effects of this re-balancing ripples out into our lives at every level.

It can trigger us to feel differently about life and clear patterns of behaviour or other things that are causing us discomfort. It can bring calmness and clarity allowing us to spot new opportunities and return to wellness.

Holistic balance – your own natural healing systems triggered to restore balance for you.

How I support you

My range of services

Below is a quick summary of the spread of services I provide. I mix and match them to suit each client and provide suggestions for other things you can try along the way as well. The focus is on achieving what you want, as far as is possible anyway.

A number of my clients love to play with manifesting, affirmations and a lot of ‘thinking out of the box’ as we work together so it can be a lot of fun.

Where to start?

Unless you want a specific service, I heartily recommend starting with my e-Lybra9 bio-field balancing service. It is superb, gently eases imbalances with no nasty pills or potions to remember to take!

Alternatively, book a half-hour appointment with me and we can discuss your requirements in more detail (often I can discount this cost from the subsequent service you choose).


e-Lybra9 bio-energetics/bio-resonance

Plans available: Essentials, Comprehensive, Intensive & Bespoke

Property space clearing. Preparing for house sale/purchase/rental

Animal general balancing


Peruvian shamanic energy medicine

Divination/channelled writing

Animal communication

Space clearing: your home or business


Homeopathic remedy kits

Schussler Tissue Salts

What do my clients say?

My Blog


I believe your true, best self, can shine again and I will support that journey. Ranging from free ideas to my most intensive services.


The core of my work triggers your natural healing mechanisms to work effectively. I will sometimes recommend changes or supplements to support this.


We are complicated beings and get off track sometimes. A return to feeling in balance, energised and fulfilled is so important for our general wellbeing.

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