Dr (PhD) Michal Yakir

About Michal Yakir

Working as a Homeopath over 25 years, Michal has been developing her system of the plant table. “A botanist and a models ecologist in my past, and an avid gardener nowadays, I was intrigued by the homeopathic implications of the dynamic order found in nature, particularly in the plant kingdom. Investigating the question for many years, adding clinical observation, late-night studies, new homeopathic ideas and work with colleagues - all were synthesized with my own botanical, psychological, and Kabbalistic understanding. The integration of all this data led to the development of the Plant Table that exposes the wondrous order of the plant kingdom”.

Other than that, Yakir has completed a PhD (with collaboration of G. Vithoulkas and Prof Z. Bentwich) in the Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem University, on the effect of homeopathic treatment in PMS. She has taught homeopathy for 25 years, past chairwoman of the Israeli association for homeopathy and the editor of the IACH association homeopathic journal.

She has taught her "Plant Table" system in Israel for over 12 years and, in the last few years, has taught the globe too (from  Germany, Holland, Belgium, to Australia and Slovakia and more).

Her book "Wondrous Order – the systematic table of plants" was translated into English and German, and is going to be published by Narayana Publication early 2017.

Michal has a two year training course based around the contents of her book. It is four weekends spread over two years. If there is enough interest after her introductory course in the UK in November 2017 then I am happy to organise that course as well for her.

Michal Yakir

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Introductory Seminar - London November 2017

Michal is coming to teach at London Birkbeck University on November 18th and 19th 2017.

Click the "reserve your spot" link below to see the event information and also to book.