Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA), RHom (UK)

Kim is a highly experienced CHC certified homeopath, certified CEASE practitioner and homeopathic teacher. She trained directly with Tinus Smits in 2005 and worked closely with him on developing CEASE Therapy and teaching Inspiring Homeopathy until his death in April 2010, at which time she agreed to continue spreading this important work around the world for him. 

Kim was a Core Faculty member, Administrator and Clinical Director of Teleosis Homeopathic school in the US for 16 years before moving to the UK in June 2015. She is part of the Core Faculty for the CEASE Organization in the Netherlands, and brings extensive experience in both teaching and clinical case management to the CEASE community.

"Kim is amazing! Very skilled, highly inspirational, warm, and just brilliant! I have already recommended the course to everyone of my colleagues :)"

Two courses in 2017 -  CEASE Certification 14-16 July and Inspiring Homeopathy, end of September - find out more and book by clicking the links below

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About Inspiring Homeopathy

“Kim is a wealth of information for supporting the healing process with our clients. It takes an observant eye with a good foundation in Inspiring Homeopathy to see and sense the shifts in clients and to know when and which remedy to give next, which I discovered is not something that can be learned just by reading the book – as Hahnemann dictates, the remedies must be experienced personally; doing that in tandem with others in a natural environment is an ideal way to do just that, providing a thorough understanding of each remedy and the system as a whole through various perspectives.

I highly recommend this seminar! Anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of familiar remedies and learn useful new ones while embarking on their own personal and professional growth will benefit. Your practice and understanding of homeopathy and healing will grow and prosper as a result.” – Sheila Muldaur, 2008 IH Participant


"Kim is an excellent teacher! Timing excellent. Delivery superb! Clear, ordered,varied pace. I loved that she supported our own experiences/methods and reassured us that this was a model that worked but which because we and our patients are individuals we would adapt. Kim is professional and supportive and approachable,and patient!Stamina awesome!"

"Kim is amazing! Very skilled, highly inspirational, warm, and just brilliant! I have already recommended the course to everyone of my colleagues :)"

"I thought it was brilliant, I enjoyed every moment of it, there was no point when I thought any information etc could have been omitted."

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