Holycombe, the Cotswold location of the 2015 IH Retreat

Kim Kalina's Inspiring Homeopathy

In 2005 Tinus Smits identified seven universal archetype homeopathic remedies for healing and transformation.  These universal experiences are so fundamental that working directly with these archetypal layers and remedies integrates deeply held desires, inspires growth, and transforms lives.  By accessing these layers through sound in this shared weekend experience, participants can rejuvenate themselves and revitalize their lives. www.tinussmits.com/3845/inspiring-homeopathy.aspx

Tinus believed it was essential to have an in-person group process in order to effectively experience the profound depth of Inspiring Homeopathy. Kim agrees, so these courses are only offered in person so as to maintain the integrity of his method and the deepest levels of healing and transformation possible.

Inspiring Homeopathy is an elegant and dynamic new way of using homeopathy, allowing clients to engage in a process that is more than elimination of symptoms, but an opportunity for conscious self­realization & spiritual growth.

It is a valuable experience for healers of any type, whether a doctor, nurse, therapist or holistic practitioner, bringing balance and inspiration to our lives and work.

This is NOT a lecture­ style event, but rather a holistic event (the residential weekends are a true retreat), with Kim facilitating the 
process of engaging our own Universal Layers, and then sharing our experiences with each other to deepen and expand our understanding.

Participants will leave this gathering renewed, with a greater focus and awareness of life and practice, and certainly with the ability to share the experience and remedies with others.

About Kim Kalina:  Kim was initially trained in social work before coming to homeopathy and sound healing nearly 20 years ago, and has been facilitating consciously engaged healing and transformation in her clients ever since. She co-edited the final edition of the Inspiring Homeopathy book, and has continued to facilitate Inspiring Homeopathy retreats for Tinus since his death in 2010. She recently re-created the universal remedies into triturated and naturally potentised waterfall remedies in sacred waterfalls in Ireland, Scotland, England and the United States, which she will use during our weekend. www.UHeal.net

2015 Inspiring Homeopathy group

Kim's UK Courses hosted by Carol Fieldhouse, Refreshing Horizons

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The next Inspiring Homeopathy weekend:

Sept & Oct 2017


  • Friday, 29th September to Sunday 1st October 2017
  • Fawcett Mill, Cumbria, UK
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Fawcett Mill, Cumbria - 2017 Inspiring Homeopathy venue

Here is what one of Kim's previous course attendees said...

  • “Kim is a wealth of information for supporting the healing process with our clients. It takes an observant eye with a good foundation in Inspiring Homeopathy to see and sense the shifts in clients and to know when and which remedy to give next, which I discovered is not something that can be learned just by reading the book – as Hahnemann dictates, the remedies must be experienced personally; doing that in tandem with others in a natural environment is an ideal way to do just that, providing a thorough understanding of each remedy and the system as a whole through various perspectives. I highly recommend this seminar! Anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of familiar remedies and learn useful new ones while embarking on their own personal and professional growth will benefit. Your practice and understanding of homeopathy and healing will grow and prosper as a result.” – Sheila Muldaur, 2008 IH Participant

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